Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your office looking professional and clean is a must for businesses. The commercial carpet cleaning professionals at Lucky 13 can help you make a great first impression with your customers by keeping your carpet looking like new. Commercial carpet can be a costly investment for your business. Regular, professional cleaning helps keep carpet looking vibrant and can greatly extend your carpet life. With regular traffic comes a constant build-up of dirt, bacteria, and other allergens. Even if unseen, over time these can circulate in the air, causing respiratory and other health problems. General vacuuming is not powerful enough to remove these pollutants trapped deep within the carpet fibers. Our professional steam carpet cleaning system delivers a deep-down clean you can see that removes tough stains, odors, and trapped-in dirt and dust mites. Along with its powerful cleaning system, Lucky 13 also offers protective conditioners that protect against stains and wear. Let Lucky 13 keep your business looking its best with our professional and affordable commercial carpet cleaning services.